Architectural Nexus Office RemodelSubmitted by Jacobsen Construction
Architectural Nexus’ new 30,000-sq-ft Salt Lake City Design Center, an adaptive reuse of a 50-year-old structure, is rated Platinum under LEED New Construction standards.

The remodel of the existing 22,000-sq-ft space included structural upgrades for seismic-force resistance, increased glazing to maximize daylighting and new aluminum cladding on the building exterior.

The project also included a complete mechanical system upgrade and photovoltaic panels to achieve the project goal of net-zero-energy consumption.

The PV system is currently generating roughly double the energy the building consumes each day. Much of the existing lighting was conserved to eliminate waste as well.

The project timeline was aggressive because of the owner’s immediate need to occupy the space.

Salt Lake City

$3 million

Owner: Architectural Nexus

Contractor: Jacobsen Construction

Architect: Architectural Nexus

Engineers: Meridian Engineering & Surveying, Calder Richards Consulting Engineers, Van Boerum & Frank Associates

Start: Oct. 2009 Finish: June 2010