The report cites the need for further investigation into the specific benefits of different design, construction and product decisions in order to overcome obstacles to investments in these areas that influence health and well-being.

The study is comprised of five separate market research surveys, all benchmarking at the 95% confidence level: (1) survey of architects, contractors and owners in nonresidential construction; (2) survey of residential builders, architects, remodelers and interior designers; (3) survey of U.S. homeowners; (4) survey of human-resource executives at U.S. firms; and (5) survey of medical professionals, including general practitioners, pediatricians and psychologists/psychiatrists.

Each survey captures the unique perspective of these stakeholders in terms of their awareness of healthy-building impacts, use of healthy-building products and practices and drivers for them to prioritize health factors in future building decisions. More detailed findings on insights from all these groups are in the report.