The Neenan Co., a Fort Collins-based design and construction firm, says it has introduced several new enhanced quality-control measures in response to structural errors found in one of its construction projects at Meeker Elementary School.

The measures will ensure that all projects handled by Neenan meet the most-stringent standards set by the company, its clients and state regulators.

“The Neenan Co. is committed to quality, responsibility and accountability throughout the design and construction process,” said Randy Myers, Neenan president. “I am disappointed in the errors we made in constructing Meeker Elementary School, and I want to assure everyone that we will take any and all steps necessary to make it right. We stand behind every building we have constructed, and that will never change.”

As part of its new quality control efforts, Neenan has established a formal peer-review process to evaluate structural designs and drawings to ensure they meet company, client and state standards. The reviews will occur at three key points: initial delivery of plans, a mid-construction review and a final review upon project completion.

Additionally, Neenan will formally review and confirm the credentials of all of its licensed employees and expand its internal and external continuing education programs to ensure that employees deliver best-in-class architecture and construction services to clients.

“It has been said that you can best measure the character of a man by examining how he responds to challenges and difficulties,” Myers added. “I want to assure our clients and our employees that integrity and accountability will guide our response to this challenge. We have been part of the Colorado community for 40 years, and our new quality-control measures will help ensure we are for the next 40 years and beyond.”