Given the project’s circumstances, which included half of the funding coming from the Massachusetts School Building Authority, it’s still not clear what Sutton officials could’ve done to prevent the default.

“We continue to monitor the project closely and we look forward to continued collaboration with the district to better understand the situation as it progresses,” says Dan Colllins, spokesman for the Massachusetts School Building Authority.

Accusation About False Statement

Mead believes TLT deceived the town and state about it's legal/financial status.

In the pre-qualifying documents required of TLT by the school building authority and the school district, the contractor falsely stated that all disagreements with former clients had been resolved, Mead claims.

TLT Construction, whose managers did not respond to a call for comment, had completed many prior school projects. ">The company's website contains numerous recommendations and endorsements.

Last month, the state’s Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance declared TLT ineligible for new projects.

The division claimed that TLT had “willfully failed to provide accurate information regarding the volume of direct payment claims made by subcontractors and had supplied DCAMM with false information about other projects in Foxboro, Lexington and Westwood. The company had been terminated by the state of New Hampshire for construction of a National Guard facility, DCAMM noted.