Chart: Justin Reynolds, Data From PCA

Cement production in the U.S. leveled off in 2010 after steep declines in 2009, says the Portland Cement Association, Skokie, Ill. Total cement production, including output from imported clinker, declined 24% in 2009. That dip was followed by another 0.5% decline in 2010, with production falling to 63.75 million tons. Regionally, the largest declines in 2010 were a 9.2% drop in New England and a 7.2% drop on the West Coast, including a 7.0% dip in California and an 8.1% total decline in Oregon and Washington. Production also fell 6.7% in the east-north central and 5.6% in the east-south central states. These declines were offset by rebounds of 22% in the west-north central and 5% in the west-south central states.