PROJECT COST: $99.4 million

Ballenger-McKinney Wastewater Treatment Plant
Ballenger-McKinney Wastewater Treatment Plant

Key Facts: Location: Frederick, Md.
Owner: Frederick County, Md.
Contractor: Allan A. Myers, a Company of American Infrastructure, Worcester, Pa.
Architect and Engineer: Whitman, Requardt & Associates, Baltimore
Start Date: December 2009
Completion Date: March 2013

The $99.4-million Ballenger-McKinney Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Enhanced Nutrient Removal project in Frederick, Md., will increase the facility�s capacity to 15 million gallons per day, up from 6 MGD.

Construction began in December. Allan A. Myers, a company of American Infrastructure, Worcester, Pa., will complete a new influent pumping station with four pumps, primary clarifiers, grit facility, fine-screens facility with three screens, aeration basin rehabilitation, membrane/ultraviolet disinfection facility and post-aeration basins.

Whitman, Requardt & Associates of Baltimore designed the upgrade. Projected wastewater flows are expected to exceed 24 mgd by 2040, so the firm designed the new facilities to allow for additional growth, including more pumps and influent screens.

The project will consume approximately 20,000 cu yds of concrete, as well as drilled concrete shafts, mechanical systems, membrane filters and about 14,000 ft of yard piping. It is scheduled for completion in March 2013 and at that time will meet the state�s nutrient limits for total nitrogen and total phosphorous, biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids.

The project received a $7.5-million loan from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.