New product announcements:   10/28/2009
Noncorrosive sealant: Works On Many Materials Noncorrosive Sealant: Works On Many Materials The Chem-Calk 1250 Series is a high-performance oxime-neutral silicone sealant with high UV resistance and rapid curing. The sealant features a noncorrosive, low-odor formulation that can be applied to a wide range of substrates without compromising them, including masonry, metal, plastic and wood. The sealant can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings and is able to retain its elastomeric properties in temperatures ranging from -61°F to 348°F. Bostik; 888-592-8558;
Fireproofing: Expansion Joint Seal Is Fire-Rated Fireproofing: Expansion Joint Seal Is Fire-Rated EMSHIELD WFR2, or Wall, Fire-Rated 2-Hours, is a fire-rated primary seal for retrofit and new structural expansion joints in vertical-plane applications. The seal is a fire-retardant foam coated on both sides with a fireproof intumescent material, with a top coat of waterproof silicone. The manufacturer says the product eliminates the need for additional fire-protection materials for structural expansion joints. EMSEAL Joint Systems LTD; 800-526-8365;
Mechanical Truck Crane: Planetary Winch Mechanical Truck Crane: Planetary Winch The EH Series of electric cranes is designed for integration into mechanical trucks and features a planetary winch with the hoist drum and wire rope located outside the boom for improved visibility. It features an all-steel worm-gear drive system that provides 360° of rotation and a standard power boom extension with an optional 4-ft to 6-ft of manual boom reach. The crane is operated by wireless remote control and comes with a 20-in. crane pedestal for use in flat-bed configurations. Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc.; 800-831-8588;
Engine Oil: Better Fuel Economy Engine Oil: Better Fuel Economy Delo 400 SAE 10W-30 is a synthetic engine oil that is intended to provide increased fuel economy over 15W-40-grade diesel oil when used in heavy equipment. The oil has a lower viscosity than comparable diesel engine oils and doesn’t impact engine durability. Despite the synthetic formula the oil is priced comparably to mineral-based oils. Chevron Products Co.; 800-962-1223;