A decade elapsed during the project, dispute and litigation between the city of Victorville, Calif. and Carter & Burgess/Jacobs Engineering Group. Below is a timeline of 10 critical milestones in the relationship and battle:

  • October 2002—Victorville and Carter & Burgess enter into an agreement on the power plant project.
  • 2003—Carter & Burgess provids initial cost projection of $22 million.
  • August 2006—Victorville stops the project and ceases services from Carter & Burgess, after two rounds of bond offerings valued at an aggregated amount of $63 million.
  • November 2007—Jacobs Engineering acquires Carter & Burgess for an undisclosed amount.
  • March 2008—Carter & Burgess sues Victorville for more than $100,000 in unpaid fees.
  • 2009—Victorville countersues Carter & Burgess for breach of agreement and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • June 2010—During a settlement conference for the two parties officiated by a judge for the County of Riverside, Calif., Carter & Burgess/Jacobs offers a walk-away.
  • October 2010—Before the trial, Carter & Burgess offers to settle for $2 million.
    • October 2010—Trial starts and jury later finds Carter & Burgess/Jacobs liable on all accounts pursued by Victorville, awarding it $52 million. Carter & Burgess appeals the jury decision two months later.
    • 2011—Jacobs offers during a mediation to settle for $10 million.
    • October 2012—Jacobs’ settlement offer increases to $30 million, and eventually reaches a final offer of $54 million, which Victorville accepts.

     Sources: Court Documents; Gibbs, Giden, Locher & Turner Law Firm