The utility's requests for proposals for the renovated reservoir seek a 120-mgd drawdown rate and define one "success factor" as the "ability to operate at current … drawdown rates from 66 mgd (max gravity) to 100-120 mgd (max anticipated pumped) drawdown rates."

Asked about the renovated facility's drawdown rate being increased, Kennedy contended it wasn't.

"All we're trying to do is find a permanent solution for the cracking by putting in the drain system," Kennedy says. "We'll be able to get the flow rate out of the reservoir that we originally were represented by HDR that we could get. We thought we bought X, and we got W."

Kennedy says the 120-mgd specification constitutes a "restoration of the original intent."

To fund the new work, TBW is seeking funds from local governments. If the trial doesn't end as it hopes, TBW may be required to sell bonds, which would be financed by increased water rates.

Editor's Note: This version replaces an earlier file to clarify Connolly's perception of HDR's responsibility for the project.