The project will be fueled with natural gas delivered via a new 8.7-mi natural gas pipeline, the design and construction of which will be overseen by the Southern California Gas Co.

The steam turbine will be "wet cooled" using reclaimed water from local waste water treatment plants.

The Palmdale plant site is located south of East Ave. M in the northernmost areas of the city. The 377-acre plant site is part of an approximately 600-acre city-owned property that is bounded by Sierra Highway to the west, East Ave. M/Columbia Way to the north and U.S. Air Force Plant 42 on the south and east. Air Force Plant 42 is a government-owned contractor-operated facility for the production, engineering, final assembly and flight testing of high performance aircraft. Under a joint-use agreement with the U.S. Air Force, Los Angeles World Airport currently operates a passenger terminal on Air Force Plant 42 as LA/ Palmdale Regional Airport.