ENR FutureTech 2019 Agenda

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2:00 PM
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3:00 PM-3:15 PM

Welcome Remarks 

Scott Seltz, Publisher, Engineering News-Record

3:15 PM-3:45 PM

Keynote: Controlled Chaos: Putting a Framework Around Disruption

Kaushal Diwan, National Director of Innovation, DPR Construction 

3:50 PM-4:35 PM

Panel: The Future of Construction Cyber Security in the Age of the Cloud, IoT and Blockchain

As construction grapples with the threat posed by hackers, phishers and other malicious actors, firms are deploying new cybersecurity measures to keep data safe. But how best to protect a project’s information infrastructure against unwanted intrusions? We’ll take a look at how to secure data on the jobsite, hear how IT folks working in the trenches are using the latest technologies to gain an edge, and talk to computer security experts about the best practices so you can be ready for hackers when they come.

Phil Weaver, Senior Director of IT, Warfel Construction Company
Scott Takaoka, Vice President, Aon Cyber Solutions
Richard Volack, Partner, Chair of Data Privacy and Cyber Security Practice, Peckar & Abramson


Jeff Rubenstone, Associate Editor, Equipment and Technology, Engineering News-Record

4:40 PM-4:50 PM

Tech Story: Leveraging Software Legacy Systems with Future Technologies

How do we bridge the ‘digital divide’ that exists today between the preconstruction functions of design & cost analysis and the real time information flowing to and from the job site? More often than not, information created in silos using ‘yesterdays’ legacy software solutions is not readily integratable with today’s field technologies. Project teams need the ability to quickly organize, search, and find information across multiple platforms so that real time updates can be linked and shared efficiently and accurately. Join Mark Klusza as he describes how to leverage your legacy assets using new technologies to span the gap.

Walter Davis, Sr. Mgr., Strategic Alliances, Sage Software – Construction & Real Estate
Mark Klusza, Co-Founder, graphMetrix

4:50 PM-5:20 PM

Demonstration: The Future in the Toolbox

In this session, two seasoned construction professionals from a firm with a strong history of innovation will demonstrate tools created in-house to digitize, condense and simplify huge amounts of information so that construction managers can interpret schedules and job performance in easy, dynamic formats. Using smart phones, software and even an X-box controller, these veterans will show how they have turned to internal invention to improve jobsite production, safety and efficiency.

Steve Moore, Manager of Scheduling and Innovation Support, Robins & Morton
Daniel Fahmi Soliman, Senior Scheduler, Robins & Morton 

5:20 AM-5:35 PM

Demonstration: Shedding a New Light on Construction

For decades, providing work lights at construction sites has been done the same outdated and inefficient way, with temporary string lights. A San Francisco-based startup company has developed a battery-powered, wireless solution that sustains an LED light source for over a month without recharge. Watch this engaging live demonstration of these IoT-connected lights, which are equipped with IR sensors and cameras that enable you to enhance security, track progress, save power and monitor the site, all remotely.

Michael Filippakis, CEO and Founder, Mflux Lighting
Victor Green, Turner Construction Co.

5:35 PM-5:45 PM

Tech Story: Leveraging AI To Plan Smarter

Find out how a construction contracting firm leveraged artificial intelligence to help them quickly run millions of simulations and explore the time and cost effects of different crew, material, and sequence variations. This was accomplished in just a fraction of the time traditional planning would have taken them and, in the process, they discovered a plan that had double-digit percentage time and cost savings. This new AI-assisted planning process is helping them collaborate better, explore new construction scenarios in just minutes, and gain insights sooner in the planning process.

Rene Morkos, CEO, ALICE Technologies

5:45 PM-7:00 PM

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7:30 AM-8:20 AM

Networking Breakfast / Sponsor Tabletops Open

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8:20 AM-8:30 AM

Opening Remarks, Day 2

Scott Seltz, Publisher, Engineering News-Record

8:30 AM-9:00 AM

An Open-source Framework for Creating Infrastructure Digital Twins

The opportunity for creating and connecting infrastructure digital twins is staggeringly vast and diverse. It is such a huge endeavor that no single technology vendor will be able to build all the tools to satisfy the demand. An open-source ecosystem is best suited to allow digital twins to be efficiently developed and integrated with other systems. iModel.js is an open-source JavaScript library for creating, visualizing and analyzing infrastructure digital twins. Learn how iModel.js will foster innovation and create immersive connections.

Bhupinder Singh, Chief Product Officer, Bentley Systems

BLThis session will be streamed live from the event. Sign up to watch (free!)

9:05 AM-9:35 AM

Keynote: Construction Technology Development from the Megaproject Owner's Point of View

What are the construction technology requirements of the owner of a $1-billion mixed use project in San Diego? Two leaders from Gafcon, the owner’s representative on Seaport San Diego, a 70-acre waterfront site downtown, will share not only the vision but also the standards and processes needed to implement technologies in construction, such as the internet of things, digital twins, industrialized construction and virtual reality, to achieve real world solutions that meet the owner's needs.

Sean Olcott, Technical Director, Virtual Design and Construction Platforms, Gafcon, Inc.
Tiffany LaBruno, Director of Professional Services, Gafcon, Inc.

9:40 AM-10:10 AM

Report: Constellations of Innovation

Which construction technology tools are delivering on their promise, which still have a way to go, and how are they beginning to mesh? T.G Jayanth will present the results of McKinsey's research on the constellations of connected solutions forming in the universe of construction technology. In addition to exploring specific technologies, the research outlines the archetypes of companies—both established and emerging—set to influence the direction of innovation, and it highlights practices that are common denominators of success in engineering and construction's digital transformations, from the project to the enterprise.

T.G. Jayanth, P.E., Expert, Capital Projects, McKinsey & Company

10:15 AM-10:30 AM

Demonstration: Social Engagement and the Future of Construction

Direct-to-consumer brands use audience segmentation and tailored marketing to stoke their reputations, but construction firms traditionally settle on navel gazing and marketing to a singular audience. What happens when we think differently and raise our profiles and inform, engage and inspire the people who live and work in the facilities we build and the communities we impact? Watch this rapid-fire demonstration showing how Suffolk is going beyond tweets and blogs to engage the public in its work and creations.

Lea Stendahl, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Suffolk
Chris Mayer, Chief Innovation Officer, Suffolk

10:30 AM-11:00 AM

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11:00 AM-11:45 AM

Panel: Blue Collar BIM

This panel will help your firm get the power of BIM out of the office and job trailer and into the hands of field workers where there’s tremendous untapped potential to harness the model to boost productivity, quality and safety. Using real-world project examples, the panelists will show you how they rolled out technology to craftworkers, fabricators and other field employees with minimal training and maximum benefit.

Brett Green, Project Manager, Garney Construction
Matt Hedke, VDC Self Perform Manager, Barton Malow
Robert Kipp, Director of Field Operations / General Superintendent,Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.


Scott Blair, Managing Editor, Engineering News-Record

11:45 AM-11:55 AM

Tech Story: Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab Success

The session will explore the Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab and how it is helping E&C organizations plan and execute digital transformation roadmaps. The Lab, which launched last year, brings to life the connected worksite, empowering visitors to experience the potential of wearable and sensor technology, drones, autonomous vehicles, and visualization technology – all in a hands-on, simulated jobsite environment. Presenters will discuss how the Innovation Lab came about, what it aims to achieve, and how it’s evolving. In addition, John Jurewicz of Walbridge will share his experiences with the Lab and how it enabled the development of solutions before implementing and scaling them on construction sites.

Burcin Kaplanoglu, Executive Director, Innovation Officer, Oracle
John Jurewicz, Director of Technology, Walbridge

12:00 PM-12:45 PM

Panel: Integrating the Robotic Crew Member

In this session, one speaker will describe his company's ability to retrofit dozers, excavators and skid steer loads to be fully autonomous. A second will talk about a rebar-tying robot and other intelligent tools that join a project's crew, and a third will talk about training human workers using virtual reality. The group will discuss integrating human and autonomous crews.

Stephen Muck, Founder and CEO, Advanced Construction Robotics
Gaurav Kikani, Vice President of Strategy and Operations, Built Robotics Inc.
Jason Chadee, QA Manager, Iron Workers Locals 40 & 361 Training Facility


Jan Tuchman, Editor-in-Chief, Engineering News-Record

12:45 PM-1:45 PM

Networking Lunch

Sponsored by: Oracle

1:45 PM-2:30 PM

Construction Tech: Better Together

As the construction technology landscape continues to grow one solution will not be the the silver bullet to our productivity challenges. The ability to stack these technologies together with unique workflows will differentiate companies. The ingenuity to architect unique workflows flowing data from solution to solution and from competitor to competitor prove to be a massive differentiator. We will provide attendees with the knowledge and industry examples of how the tools they use on a daily basis can work together, to make their lives easier and increase their team’s operational efficiency leading to improved profitability and success.

Kris Lengeiza, Director of Business Development, Procore
David Burns, Director of Innovation and Field Applications, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Jason Tschetter, Director, Emerging Technology, Mortenson
Robert Kipp, Director of Field Operations / General Superintendent,Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.

BLThis session will be streamed live from the event. Sign up to watch (free!)

2:35 PM-3:20 PM

Keynote: The Dodge Perspective

Design and construction technologies continue to proliferate, and their users are reporting a wide variety of both benefits and challenges. Meanwhile, the construction economy continues to boom, although there are warning signs on the horizon. Steve Jones from Dodge Data & Analytics, the leading provider of research and forecasting focused specifically on the AEC industry, will share highlights from the company’s economic forecast as well as several of its recent studies on technology adoption in the industry.

Steve Jones, Senior Director, Dodge Data & Analytics

3:20 PM-3:50 PM

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3:50 PM-4:35 PM

Panel: Piloting Starship Innovation

Innovation is easy to talk about but hard to do in an industry like construction where each project is unique, dozens of separate companies are typically involved, and short-term cost and schedule compliance takes top priority. This panel will explore ways that construction companies have partnered with technology companies and multi-party incubators to successfully achieve innovation, and invite discussion with the audience about how to scale this to our industry.

Thomas Donoghue, Manager, Innovation Ventures & Business Development, Bechtel Global Corporation
Zack Parnell, President & CEO, ITI
Zachi Flatto, CEO, Contech


Steve Jones, Senior Director, Dodge Data & Analytics

4:40 PM-4:50 PM

Tech Story: Advanced Collaboration with CMiC’s Project Gateway

Learn about the success of GH Phipps Construction Companies with Project Gateway, which they leveraged to execute the largest project in the firm’s history. With nearly 100 collaborators on the Children’s Hospital Colorado Expansion, the CMiC Project Gateway Cloud platform served as the ‘single source of truth’ to seamlessly share—anytime and from anywhere—RFI’s, submittals and financial data between partners. Features of Project Gateway that will be showcased include subcontractor-customizable invitations, project publishing to highlight CMiC’s new R12 mobile and desktop user experience, and the cmiccollaborate.com portal.

Daniel McLaughlin, VP of Enterprise Sales CMiC

4:55 PM-5:35 PM

Report: Developing Tools for Preconstruction Value Analysis

Kelly Ortiz of McCarthy Building Cos. will explain how his company has worked with software developer Andrew Zukoski, of Join, to develop new technologies and methods for turning preconstruction problems and uncertainties—especially with large-scale design build work— into opportunities for improving planning and creating new project execution efficiencies.

Kelly Ortiz, Estimating Manager, McCarthy Building Co.
Andrew Zukoski, CEO, Join, Inc.


Jeff Rubenstone, Associate Editor, Equipment and Technology, Engineering News-Record

5:35 PM-7:00 PM

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7:30 AM-8:20 AM

Networking Breakfast / Sponsor Tabletops Open

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8:20 AM-8:30 AM

Opening Remarks, Day 3

Scott Seltz, Publisher, Engineering News-Record

8:30 AM-9:00 AM

Keynote: Predictive Analytics and AI—Construction's New Frontier

Suffolk’s Chief Data Officer, Jit Kee Chin, will update us on Suffolk’s multi-year project to weave a fabric of the company’s historical and live project data. She will describe the state of the company’s efforts to develop a feedback loop between expectations and outcomes that can be examined through the lens of predictive analytics to improve safety, performance and financial outcomes.

Jit Kee Chin, EVP & Chief Data Officer, Suffolk

9:05 AM-9:50 AM

Panel: Predictive Analytics Strategies for Construction Risk Reduction

Predictive Analytics is a new field for construction, and there are many eager to see what data-digesting algorithms can find to improve business practices. Several construction and industry firms have agreed to share their project data in a recently launched initiative to build the critical mass of project information for smart alogrithms to find ways to improve safety and project delivery. Speakers from firms in design, contracting and risk management will go into detail about what predictive analytics could mean for the future of construction planning and execution.

Lindsey Rem, Vice President of Systems, Barton Malow
David Bowcott, Global Director - Growth, Innovation & Insight, Global Construction & Infrastructure Group, Aon Risk Solutions
Kaushal Diwan, National Director of Innovation, DPR Construction



Jeff Rubenstone, Associate Editor, Equipment and Technology, Engineering News-Record

BLThis session will be streamed live from the event. Sign up to watch (free!)

9:50 AM-10:00 AM

Tech Story: If Only Each Project Plan Was Better Than the Last

There’s planning the old way and now planning the new way. The new way is to start with a project plan that is already optimized to reflect your organization’s past outcomes. Differences in scope or geography become necessary modifications. Learnings from similar past projects become suggestions to the planner for plan adjustments. And the insight and specialized expertise from your field leaders who actually perform the work become the invaluable plan refinements. This is the next generation of planning — more achievable, more realistic project plans because you can now plan for what’s most likely.

Dan Patterson, Chief Design Officer, InEight

10:00 AM-10:30 AM

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10:30 AM-11:00 AM

Advancing Image Recognition and AI for Progress Tracking and Schedule Updates

Hensel Phelps has leveraged technologies, including reality capture, artificial intelligence and cross-product integration, to secure ROI and gain a competitive advantage by applying next-generation AI analytics tools. In a partnership with HoloBuilder, the contractor aims to further develop its 360° photo documentation platform and solve immediate needs on projects. Hear how the contractor and software developer co-developed an integration into Primavera P6 that automatically logs schedule updates based on the AI's input on detected progress, and further, helps apply lessons learned from one project to the next.

Will Plato, VDC Manager, Hensel Phelps
Mayra Soto, Head of Product, HoloBuilder

11:05 AM-11:35 AM

Report: Visualization at Enterprise Scale

Innovation and automation leaders at one of the world’s largest EPC contractors will describe how the company is not just talking about visualization and augmented reality but implementing it on project sites. For example, a simple 360° camera is used to support project site safety programs, train heavy equipment operators and implement collaboration and training. Augmented reality and mixed reality are being put to work in the field for remote visual inspection and to support subject matter experts with hands-free headsets and wearables.

Micah Wells, Automation and Global Innovation Manager, Fluor
Max Eklund, Construction Innovation and Visualization, Fluor


Jan Tuchman, Editor-in-Chief, Engineering News-Record

11:40 AM-12:10 PM

Creating HERO, a VR Platform for Hazard Recognition Training

Virtual reality immersion is increasingly being used to train construction workers to be safer on site. At Haskell, HERO was designed to enhance workers' ability to recognize typical hazards and take preventive action. Using SafetyNet by Predicative Solutions, Haskell leveraged existing safety data to identify the most- and least-reported hazards to design the platform. HERO immerses trainees in a virtual jobsite where they can select different elements, identify whether they are a hazard or a good practice and then assign them a safety category. Tracking the recognition data from HERO and cross-referencing it with field data provides additional insight into what safety topics need to be covered in more depth.

Hamzah Shanbari, Manager, Construction Technology and Innovation, Haskell  

12:10 PM-12:20 PM

Tech Story:City of Terabytes, Innovation and Technology Transfer

To create and envision tomorrow’s built environment todays leader’s in AEC space need to look beyond the old paradigms. This short presentation focuses on the results driven but very diverse innovation process as it keeps evolving within a dynamic and vertically integrated environment. Bridging the constrains of old business models with an in-depth understanding of the technology promise is the main motivator for Clayco Inc. innovation team.

Tomislav Žigo, , Vice President, Virtual Design and Construction, Clayco
Manu Venugopal,Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

12:20 PM-1:00 PM

Panel: Creating Data-driven Tools to Optimize Construction Sustainability

The Embedded Carbon in Construction Calculator, or EC3, is a software tool for tracking both the carbon footprint and operational emissions of the elements of a building as it comes together in design and construction. Developed by Skanska in collaboration with Microsoft and support from Autodesk, EC3 is changing the way owners and contractors think about the environmental impact of their buildings. Some of the experts behind the development of the tool will walk through how it works and why open-source tools like EC3 will be vital to broadening the adoption of sustainable construction practices.

Stacy Smedley, Sustainability Director, Skanska USA Building
Katie Ross, Senior Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft
Tony Saracino, Sustainability Customer Engagement Manager, Autodesk


Jeff Rubenstone, Associate Editor, Equipment and Technology,Engineering News-Record

1:00 PM
Closing Remarks

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