ENR Mountain States is busy finalizing the rankings for our annual top general contractors of 2014. These lists are based on 2013 revenues for work on projects located in the Mountain States region (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho), as reported to us by the firms themselves. Early results show that 2013 revenues for the region’s contractors dipped slightly in some areas, such as institutional construction, highways and public works (with a couple of notable exceptions).
Firms fortunate enough to have landed large public infrastructure contracts, such as those connected with regional mass transit or P3 highway work, reported a solid year, with revenues for the top firms on the Colorado/Wyoming side of the region ahead of those for most Intermountain firms.
The following are the current contenders for the top 25 positions in this year’s GC rankings in Colorado and Wyoming, presented in alphabetical (not ranked) order: Adolfson & Peterson Construction, Alliance Construction Solutions, Ames Construction, Balfour Beatty US, Big-D Construction, Bryan Construction, Catamount Constructors, Colorado Structures, FCI Constructors, GH Phipps Construction, Garney Cos., Haselden Construction, Interstate Highway Construction, JE Dunn Construction, Kiewit, Mark Young Construction, Milender White Construction, Mortenson Construction, PCL Construction Services, Saunders Construction, Shaw Construction, Swinerton Builders, Turner Construction, ValleyCrest Landscape Cos.
The top 20 (non-ranked, alpha-order only) firms in the Intermountain area for 2014 include: Ames Construction, Andersen Construction, Ascent Construction, Balfour Beatty US, Big-D Construction, Engineered Structures, Granite Construction, Hogan & Associates Construction, Hughes General Contractors, Jacobsen Construction, Kiewit, Layton Construction, Okland Construction, R&O Construction, Staker Parson Cos., Steed Construction, Sletten Construction, Wadman Corp., Westland Construction, Whitaker Construction.
Remember, these firms are not presented here in ranked order. These contractors are the most likely of those in the region who submitted revenue totals to make our final top 20 or 25 cut, but this list is not yet final. The ranked lists will appear in the August issue of ENR Mountain States magazine.
After further research is complete, we will announce our contractor(s) of the year for the region soon, so stay tuned.