This week, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation began a three-mile paving project on Interstate 25 between 6th Avenue and 23rd Avenue.

The $5.5-million American Recovery & Reinvestment Act project rotomills the existing pavement, resurfaces I-25 in asphalt and replaces median barrier and guardrail.

The four-month project will employ private-sector workers in the construction industry allowing Brannan Sand and Gravel Co. of Denver, the contractor, and its subcontractors to save jobs and create new ones while improving the condition of a poor roadway, CDOT said.

“Last year, we had to reduce the number of paving crews from six to four as well as some supervisor positions,” said Rick Donovan, area manager for Brannan Sand and Gravel Co. “Thanks to the opportunities now available through the Recovery Act, we have been able to add one paving crew and some supervisors, ultimately hiring an additional ten people.”

During the first couple months of construction, crews will install signage, repair median barrier and conduct other minor work. Rotomilling and paving operations will begin in August and continue through September.

The project should be complete by early to mid-October.