Over the last several years, few private construction project owners have delivered as significant an impact to the Southwest region's construction industry, and economy, as Intel Corp.

As ENR previously reported, Intel Corp.'s two semiconductor plants under construction at its existing campus in Chandler, Ariz.—planned to come online later this year—are intended to help relieve the U.S. shortage of microchips. As expected, the $20-billion project—which started in October 2021 and topped ENR Southwest's Top Starts ranking in 2022—is having a significant impact on the Southwest construction industry, both in terms of construction opportunities and the overall economy.

With this project adding two fabrication facilities—Fab 52 and Fab 62—Intel's 700-acre Glendale, Ariz., campus will now contain a total of six plants. The company says the expansion will help the U.S. regain ground in semiconductor manufacturing and alleviate supply chain issues related to microchips.

According to Intel, the construction of these two new fabs "represent the largest private-sector investment in Arizona history," while generating an estimated 3,000 construction jobs, creating approximately 3,000 new jobs at the company, and supporting an estimated 15,000 indirect jobs in the community.

For these reasons, ENR editors from across the country have voted to name Intel Corp. as ENR Southwest's 2024 Owner of the Year. More details and insights about Intel's Arizona efforts will be included in ENR Southwest's profile story in the upcoming March 25th print edition.