ENR MidAtlantic is pleased to announce Bruce D’Agostino as its 2017 Legacy Award winner. Chosen by ENR editors, the Legacy Award is given annually to an individual in the region who has established a solid “legacy” of lifetime service to the construction industry, their colleagues and to their community. ENR MidAtlantic includes Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

The longtime President and CEO of the McLean, Va.-baed Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), D’Agostino announced in May that he would retire after his successor was chosen. Andrea S. Rutledge was recently chosen to replace D’Agostino in October. 

D’Agostino has led the CMAA since 1999 and has grown the association's membership to more than 16,000 from 700. He fostered relationships between CMAA and its counterparts in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He also formed alliances with both the Construction Industry Institute and the Society of American Military Engineers, leading to the formal adoption of the Certified Construction Manager (CCM), which has become the industry's preferred credential.

In her nomination letter, Danelle Prezioso, CMAA’s vice president of communications, wrote, "He was CMAA’s first full-time employee, dedicated to changing the negative perceptions plaguing the construction industry. Armed with a focus of increasing education, awareness, and professionalism, he was instrumental in establishing the standards of practice for construction management/program management. These standards have been adopted and are in use by federal, state, and local governments today."

She also noted that D’Agostino has worked with the ACE Mentor Program "to promote both STEM related career options and construction management disciplines to high school students on their path towards earning a college degree, an initiative designed to advance young minds and mentor early on our need to continue advancing and improving our nation’s infrastructure."

D’Agostino will be honored at the ENR MidAtlantic Best Projects awards banquet on Nov. 2 in Baltimore. He will also be profiled in the December issue of ENR MidAtlantic.