Pepper Construction has been named ENR Midwest Contractor of the Year, based on revenue growth of 112% in the 11 states in our region from 2014 to 2019. Pepper currently sits fourth among our contractor submissions with $1.25 billion in regional revenue. That’s up from eighth and $1.1 billion in the 2018 Midwest Top Contractors list.

Chicago-based Pepper is active in every state in the region save Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan and Kansas and has the highest revenue in its home state of Illinois of any contractor that has submitted a survey to date. The projects that Pepper is started in 2018 run the gamut from the final stages of renovation of Wrigley Field to new retail concepts and major manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis. These include

Starbucks Roastery


The third Roastery in the U.S. and the largest Roastery emporium at 43,000 sq ft, Starbucks this project transforms the former Crate & Barrel store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Clif Bar Manufacturing Facility


This project focuses on high performance and sustainability, is designed with a biophilic approach and achieves Clif Bar’s aspiration to sustain its business, brands, people, community and the planet. Designed to create an atmosphere reflective of Clif Bar’s corporate culture, the scope of work on the 24,000-sq-ft project includes the front entrance and lobby, office space, break area, locker rooms, plus an expanded parking lot.

Rolls-Royce North America Reinvestment and Modernization of Manufacturing Operations

Plainfield, Ind.

One of Rolls-Royce's largest projects in recent history, the expansive five-year campus reinvestment and modernization project spans 1,000,000 sq ft across two plants that are divided by a highway. The renovation consists of facility, equipment and infrastructure improvements throughout the sprawling 397-acre campus, which includes structures dating as far back as World War II. Facilities include a new 150,000-sq-ft rotatives factory, a turbines factory, an assembly and test facility, a materials research laboratory focused on advanced material development, two new cells used to test helicopter engines, and the Rolls-Royce Development Center, an area that will test and prove manufacturing methods.

Look for a full feature on a great year to say "be a Pepper, too!" in the July 8-15th edition of ENR Midwest. Congratulations, Pepper Construction!