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If you are going to use a debris chute on your job site, you need to make sure that you know how to use it effectively. Eliminating problems and delays can help you get the job done on time, it can increase worker safety, and it can even increase your earnings since you can finish quickly and avoid additional expenses caused by accidents. Keep the following things in mind when using the chute:

1. Secure it On Every Level

While working on a building, you may have a chute that stretches from the roof of the building to the ground, encompassing several stories. Do not simply attach it at the top and the bottom. You need to go through and attach it to every story for added strength. When you do this, you can ensure that it will not collapse or bend.

2. Clear Any Blockages Immediately

From time to time, something that has been thrown into the construction trash chute will get lodged partway to the ground. When this happens, you need to clear it out quickly. If you allow other items to be thrown down on top of it, the blockage can get worse. This could also create a lot of weight halfway up the chute, which could then cause it to break or tear away from the wall.

3. Put the Lower End in the Trash Container

For demolition jobs, you will probably have at least one trash container on the ground. It is most effective to simply put the end of the chute into the container. This takes a step out of the process, saving your workers the trouble of picking the discarded pieces up again and moving them to the bin. Make sure that you keep the lower end of the chute clear by spreading around the trash in the bin.

4. Consider the Total Weight

The higher your chute needs to be, the higher its own weight will become. Shorter chutes can easily be attached to the building with the standard system. The largest ones, though, may need to have other supporting devices that can be used for increased strength. Learn what the upper limits are for your specific chute and then keep an eye on the total weight so that you know if you need this extra support frame or not. Each section should have a weight listing, and you will then just need to add up the total.

Aconstruction trash chutecan really help you on a job site, making it safe and easy to get debris down from high locations. If you know how to use the chute correctly, you should not run into any problems.