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Rebecca Fountain

Rebecca Fountain 
KOR Building Group, Las Vegas

The booming population of greater Las Vegas has spurred a significant increase in roadwork and building projects, says Fountain, co-founder and CEO of KOR Building Group. “The city anticipates building the A’s baseball stadium and a future NBA arena, and KOR intends to be a part of these and other projects,” she says. Founded in 2013, KOR Building Group started as a commercial builder focusing on airports and hotels and public works projects and recently expanded into the federal market.

Development and construction of new sports facilities will continue to drive opportunities for contractors, Fountain adds. With Major League Baseball’s Athletics organization expected to move to Las Vegas in 2028, speculation centers on the team’s stadium being built on the Tropicana Hotel site, which soon will be demolished, she notes. 

Additionally, Oak View Group, a Denver-based sports and commercial real estate developer, last year proposed building an estimated $1-billion arena in an effort to bring the National Basketball Association to Las Vegas.