The Hillsboro HI2 project is part of the new NTT Global Data Centers Americas Inc. campus. As the predawn fog lifted on the project in Hillsboro, Ore., late last year, photographer Nick Grier was ready. The bright morning sunlight arrived as the Lease Crutcher Lewis team began the first elevated concrete pour for the two-story, 420,000-sq-ft data center. “I enjoyed shooting in the direct early morning light,” he says. “The dynamic angles of the steel framework provided a great backdrop for the scene.” Grier worked closely with the concrete crew to keep up with their progress while accounting for the quickly changing early morning sun. “I had to constantly be on the move, right on the edge of the freshly poured slab, staying close to the action while also not getting in the way of the work and trying to avoid getting fresh concrete on my gear,” he says.