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Chris Doepper

Chris Doepper 
Chief Operating Officer-Executive Vice President
Dimeo Construction 

Providence is witnessing “a significant push to grow the bio-life sciences market through private, institutional and commercial investment,” says Doepper. Brown University, for example, plans to build a new integrated sciences building, and the state is building an $82-million public health lab with Dimeo serving as construction manager. There also is  commercial life sciences development in the I-95 Redevelopment District.

Sustainable design projects continue to accelerate with increasing owner demand, Doepper says. Design trends include sustainable construction methods using green materials and strategies that achieve long-term energy efficiency. 

Other sectors experiencing growth include public schools, higher education, health care and innovation space, while commercial, residential and office space have fallen off due to the impacts of COVID-19. 

Early indications suggest smaller companies are returning to physical workplaces while larger corporations are increasingly adopting a hybrid to a fully remote work model, Doepper says.