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Joe Hofstee

Joe Hofstee 
Associate Vice President, Senior Project Manager, Transportation

Delaware, the lowest-lying state with a mean elevation of 60 ft, is depending on resiliency projects, Hofstee says, to help combat the fact that it is “experiencing tidal flooding on sunny days.”

Hofstee says increased frequency of flooding events and the projected sea-level rise have the state and towns seeking to utilize federal grants from the Infrastructure Investment and Job Act and the Inflation Reduction Act to help fight climate change effects.

Another trend Hofstee sees is a greater use of alternative delivery methods such as construction manager/general contractor and A+B bidding. 

He says, “CM/GC is being used more and more on the larger design projects being put out by the Delaware Dept. of Transportation, while A+B bidding is being used on large and small projects, placing a greater focus on the overall user delays.”

Hofstee says the Wilmington market “will continue to grow, with IIJA providing funding through 2026.” But he adds that the growth “has been hampered by inflation.”