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Jon Hansen

Jon Hansen 
Loven Contracting

Across Arizona, residential construction projects are proliferating, partly due to a growth in manufacturing. In Flagstaff, where manufacturing projects are not as prominent, residential construction is still proving to be a leading market sector, says Hansen. The city is “definitely experiencing a lot of growth in the residential market.”

Over the last five years, he says, Flagstaff’s residential construction sector has “really exploded with several large multifamily projects in the city.” Another factor boosting residential projects is the increasing number of students attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, now estimated at nearly 30,000. 

“A lot of the larger multifamily is really for the locals, but it’s also supporting the university as well,” says Hansen.

Health care, one of Loven’s primary markets, remains strong locally. Currently, Loven is partnered with McCarthy on a project for Northern Arizona Health Care for a new facility estimated to be just under 1 million sq ft in total. Health care renovations and remodel projects are continuing at a steady pace, Hansen adds.