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Russell Tweed

Russell Tweed 
Marketing Manager
Woodson Engineering and Surveying Inc.

Activity in Flagstaff, surrounding communities and northern Arizona is robust, Tweed says. “This is in both private development as well as municipal infrastructure. And the two are closely intertwined. For example, the surge in development and the strong interest in future development projects is triggering review of utility systems capacity analyses and leading to upgrades to water and wastewater systems.”

Meanwhile, Flagstaff continues to feel the impact of the Museum Fire in 2019 that burned almost 2,000 acres about a mile north of Flagstaff. “The post-fire flooding this past summer was severe. There were multiple flooding events, including a 200- to 500-year rainfall event that saw more than 3 inches of rain in an hour over the area,” he says. Woodson has been helping the city’s efforts by investigating options and providing concept designs for longer term mitigation measures. 

There is significant interest in developing wind and solar energy sites in the rangelands 30 miles north of Flagstaff. “Two new facilities are in the planning stages—a 160-megawatt wind facility and a 60-megawatt solar facility,” Tweed says.