The Station at Buffalo

Buffalo, N.Y.

Award of Merit

Submitted By: Landmark Properties

Owner: Landmark Properties

Lead Design Firm: Humphreys & Partners Architects

General Contractor: Landmark Construction LLC

Civil Engineer: Carmina Wood Morris

Structural Engineer: Integrity Structural Corp.

MEP Engineer: Buffalo Engineering P.C.

Authority Having Jurisdiction: Town of Amherst Building Dept.

Interior Design: Design Environments Inc.

Subcontractors: AFP Group Inc.; Solomon Plumbing; Connected Technologies; Wiss Janey, Elstner Associates Inc.

The project provided a premium residential option for University of Buffalo students in a community that includes townhome-type housing along with the more traditional mid-rise dorm. The housing style with tuck-under garages and more amenities have helped the university compete with other premium housing options in the local market.

The construction team overcame some major challenges, including the onset of winter in upstate New York. For a late December concrete pour, crews tented the 12,000-sq-ft elevated deck while heating it from below. Three heaters underneath, each providing 1 million BTUs, maintained an optimal 90° F deck temperature.

Construction crews worked closely to ensure the slab temperature remained at the required 70° through the 28-day curing process. To ensure proper curing, the team used sacrificial probes each day to monitor the temperature.

The pandemic in March 2020 halted work within hours. The team was able to restart after a three-month pause and accelerated construction in summer but was faced with a new challenge as another winter arrived.

With drywall still incomplete in 99 three-story cottage units as cold weather set in again in late 2020, the construction team was able to maintain temporary heat within the units to keep work on track.

The team delivered the project on time and on budget in August 2021, according to the submission.