Kitchell is providing services for this multi-phase deferred-maintenance project of the Lyndon B. Johnson State Office Building in downtown Austin for the Texas Facilities Commission.

Photographer Joshua Milligan was on site in June to take photos for Kitchell as the team brought in a crane to lift materials onto the roof of the building in preparation for a complete roof replacement.

“When I took this photo, I was hoping to create a perspective that showed how tall the crane really was, especially in relation to the surrounding buildings. I thought shooting from underneath the crane pointing straight up would be a creative way to capture that,” says Milligan, who used a Sony A1 camera with a Sony 24-70 2.8 GM II lens.

“What I like best about this shot is the how it demonstrates the crane operator’s ability to navigate between two buildings that are close in proximity with each other despite how large the machine is,” he says. “This is a job that can only be accomplished by a team who is both skilled and experienced, and hopefully this perspective demonstrates that to viewers.”