Star Metals Residences


Award of Merit

CONTRACTOR: Juneau Construction Co.

OWNER: The Allen Morris Co.

LEAD DESIGN FIRM: Dwell Design Studio

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Ellinwood + Machado

CIVIL ENGINEER: Eberly & Associates

MEP ENGINEER: Jordan & Skala Engineers

Part of Allen Morris Co.’s live-work-play Star Metals development in Atlanta’s West Midtown district, this nine-story, 675,000-sq-ft mixed-use development was “filled with obstacles,” according to the project team. The hurdles included zero laydown area and the need to remove roughly 15,000 cu yd of rock. 

The biggest challenge, though, was working around an office building located in the middle of the site. Because the owner of this office refused to sell their property, the Star Metals building’s design had to be recreated—and rebudgeted to account for a new “U” shape. 

In addition, because the owner of the office also refused to sell the rights to airspace above the building, the contractor was forced to use two different cranes instead of a single tower crane.

The contractor’s decision to utilize an Ecospan structural floor system—which helped reduce costs for the owner—added some challenges related to the tight jobsite, such as the fact that the system’s steel panels needing to be delivered in a specific sequence.

Ensuring that the correct pieces were being delivered, while hundreds of cars passed nearby, required an efficient logistic system and plan, according to the contractor.

Partly by installing the Ecospan structural floor system faster than the manufacturer anticipated, contractors were able to deliver the project two months early.