City Grill

Eve Norris
Vice President
PC Construction

PC Construction’s nearly $50 million worth of Manchester, N.H., projects in preconstruction have all “seen significant delays due to COVID-19,” but they continue to move forward, says Norris. Despite the setback, the firm is currently performing the $20-million renovation of the historic Mount Washington resort in Bretton Woods, N.H. “Resort work has slowed, but we are seeing an uptick in master planning for major resorts,” she says.

Norris also notes that the multi-use housing and manufacturing markets “remain the steadiest during the pandemic.” On the other hand, she adds, “There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding developer-based funding, especially for major downtown projects, that is leading to the postponement of jobs that have been in the works for years.”

Meanwhile, colleges, universities and health care institutions “are facing tremendous financial hardship, and the outlook for capital funding is uncertain,” Norris points out. “Many construction projects for these sectors have been indefinitely postponed or canceled altogether.”