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Kevin Radziwon

Kevin Radziwon 
Senior Project Manager
PC Construction

Commercial construction dominates the Manchester market, “with mixed-use multifamily construction right on its heels,” Radziwon says. “Industrial and educational markets are also trending up but not at the same elevated rates.” 

He says that multifamily and mixed-use developments “continue to provide enormous opportunity” due to a “tremendous housing shortage” created by Boston workers seeking more affordable options. Given this trend, “multifamily projects are not going to slow down anytime soon,” Radziwon  says, “with nearly 60,000 housing units needed to support the area by 2030.”

But hospitality “has not rebounded from the pandemic,” he says. “Total tourism spending in New Hampshire has shown a steady increase since 2020 so we expect this market to bounce back, although the projects may look a little different than those of the pre-COVID world.”

Technology firms are moving to Manchester. “We’ve seen steady growth in construction to support their needs,” Radziwon says. “I expect this will continue in 2024 and beyond.”