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Rich JacobsonRich Jacobson
Vice President Kraus-Anderson

“Most health care projects in the region are relatively small and retrofits, and many have been put on hold because of the pandemic. So that would be our slowest market right now,” Jacobson says.

“We’ve had some projects postponed or put off due to that. Our other markets, though, have maintained the levels we had originally forecasted for 2020 and 2021. These would be our K-12 education, our higher education and our multifamily housing markets. So those remain at the levels we predicted, and we feel they’ll be strong going into next year.,” he says.

Firm in Focus

501 South 8th St., Minneapolis
CEO: Bruce Engelsma
Employees: 784
Founded: 1897
School Work: Kraus-Anderson has been hired for a high school and elementary school project for the Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia, Minn., school districts. The districts recently voted to consolidate.