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Steve AlmSteve Alm
Senior Principal
Stantec Twin Cities

“We’re seeing the Twin Cities market continue to show signs of steady growth across sectors,” Alm says. “Much of the public sector’s future here depends on our Legislature successfully coming to agreement on a long-term transportation funding bill and a bonding bill, but clearly the need for infrastructure investment continues to grow.

We’re also seeing some great opportunities for continued urban renewal and transit-oriented development projects that have transformational potential within the core urban areas as well as our suburban centers.”

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Stantec Twin Cities
2335 Highway 36, St. Paul
Sr. Principal/Regional Business Leader: Steve Alm
What’s New: The Highway 610 and Noble Parkway Park and Ride Facility in Brooklyn Park, Minn., generates its own heating, cooling and electricity via geothermal heat pumps and a solar array.