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Mike BougherMike Bougher
Senior Principal

Several highway projects to reduce congestion in the Harrisburg area are currently in design or construction, Bougher says. Stantec is designing the Interstate-83 North York widening project. “When I-83 was built in the 1950s and 1960s, officials could not have predicted the increase in traffic that would come in the following decades, which is why we are now seeing this need throughout South Central Pennsylvania,” Bougher says.

Harrisburg’s transportation market “will perform well for the foreseeable future … barring any drastic legislative moves” as federal and state officials focus on improving existing infrastructure, Bougher says.

“We are seeing some movement at the federal level for a funding package, which is supported by both sides of the aisle,” he adds. “Locally, while some major projects are well underway, there also remains a steady stream of smaller projects to be completed.”

Bougher says there is a “laundry list” of new congestion-relieving technologies, including adaptive traffic signals that shift signal timing in response to congestion during the day. But “there is no single magic bullet,” he says. “It takes a combination of tactics to address the various types of roadway congestion, and the industry is constantly examining and testing new technology.” 

Firm in Focus

HNTB Corp.
4507 N. Front St., Ste, 300, Harrisburg, Pa.
Pennsylvania Office Leader and Vice President: Greg May
Harrisburg Employees: 29
Strong Roots: The Kansas City, Mo.-based firm first performed work in Pennsylvania more than 80 years ago on the Burlington-Bristol Bridge. This year, HNTB is celebrating the 25th anniversary of having a permanent presence in Pennsylvania. The firm has five Pennsylvania offices: Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, King of Prussia, Philadelphia and Allentown. Focused on roads, bridges, transit, rail, tolling and aviation work, the firm is currently providing preliminary engineering and final design for the Interstate-83 widening through Harrisburg. The nearly $400-million project will add capacity, relieve congestion and improve safety and mobility. HNTB also provided design and construction support services for reconstruction and safety improvements of the I-283/PA 283 interchange and highway reconstruction.