Greensville County Power Station
Emporia, Va.
Award of Merit

Owner: Dominion Energy
General Contractor|Lead Design Firm: Fluor
Generation Equipment Supplier: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd.

Modularization was the key, the project team says, to efficiently constructing and commissioning one of the world’s largest natural-gas-fired, combined-cycle power stations in just 30 months. Because the station’s integrated steam turbine and steam-cooled gas turbines required more than 200,000 ft of pipe, the project team established an onsite modularization yard to efficiently configure pipe rack units that were then transported directly to the power block and set into place with heavy cranes.

Recruiting top-rated welders for the project helped minimize rework and ensure on-schedule and on-budget performance, the team says. For example, although the pipe rack modules were assembled independently at different parts of the site, components typically fit together with no problems. Many of the facility’s larger components were hauled to the site during late-night hours after extensive public notice, close interaction with state and local officials and selection of a highly qualified heavy-moving company. More than 75 heavy loads were moved with no disruption to local businesses or residents, according to the team.

Despite initial delays in getting started, the $1.3-billion project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Occupying only a small fraction of its 1,100-acre site, the 1,588-MW facility will supply cost-effective, environmentally responsible energy to more than 400,000 homes for at least 30 years.

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