Confidential Entertainment Project
Los Angeles
Award of Merit 

Key Players
Lead Design Firm: Confidential
General Contractor: Confidential
Glazing Contractor: Giroux Class Inc.

This project used some of the biggest pieces of glass ever installed on the West Coast. The eight pieces—made in China and shipped to the U.S. in one custom-made crate— weighed a combined 35 tons. 

To ensure the cargo’s safety, the crate was closely tracked from dock to jobsite. This included managing the logistics and liability of the glass at every point throughout its overseas voyage. The careful monitoring also resolved the issue of building a crate tall enough to carry the oversized glass pieces, some of which weighed more than 9,000 lb. Once at the jobsite, the glass was lifted and maneuvered into place by cranes and installed with no safety incidents.

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