Henriksen Butler Office Building
Las Vegas
Award of Merit

Owner/Developer: Dapper Development
General Contractor: Master Built Construction
Lead Design Firm: Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects
Structural Engineer: Wright Engineers
Mechanical Engineer: MJH Mechanical
Electrical Engineer: Abaico Electric
Plumbing Engineer: Sparks Engineering

Located in the Las Vegas Arts District, the showroom occupies the former Gamblers Book Shop, a 63-year-old building and noted city landmark.

This $1.5-million project is part of an ongoing downtown revitalization and renewal of the Huntridge Theatre neighborhood.

The office building features meeting rooms, a business center, private offices, design library, living room, kitchen space and an outdoor showroom/patio.

The existing building shell and structural materials were reused, reducing typical construction waste. Existing brick was used as backdrop for wood and steel, highlighting the building entry that features an oversized pivotal door. Construction crews extended walls and employed weathered steel perforated mesh to create the illusion of a clean box. The building’s numerous upgrades include technology integrated into the walls, weathered steel panels, preserved and stained wood trusses and low-emitting flooring materials, paints and adhesives.