Way of Life Facility - WOLF
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Best Project

Owner/Developer: Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
General Contractor: MayDall Construction
Lead Design Firm: Bollinger Consulting Architects
Structural Engineer: Rood Engineering
Civil Engineer: Erickson & Meeks Engineering
MEP Engineer: Kraemer Consulting Engineering and Henderson Engineers
Aquatics Design: Councilman-Hunsaker

The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community wanted a center that would also serve as a healthy living environment for tribal members.

“The Way of Life Facility was delivered to the community with great pride and respect for the people it will serve for many years to come,” says Josh Sciacca, senior construction manager, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

The Way of Life Facility, more commonly known by the acronym WOLF, is a 119,000-sq-ft, two-story structure housing offices, classrooms, an indoor gym with three courts, an indoor water park, a kitchen, dining area and a library. The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale also utilizes space on the first floor.

More than 14 design consultants were involved in planning the $33-million center. General contractor MayDall construction is owned by a member of the Salt River Community.

“The number of consultants used to design this facility was not only extensive, but an absolute necessity to make the building function to its full potential,” says Jason Fast of Maydall Construction.

The natatorium required its own design team. Integrating pool work with the rest of the facility was simplified through the use of BIM. MayDall, the separate design teams and subcontractors participated weekly on development of the BIM model until completion.

Construction material selection was especially vital in the potentially corrosive environment of the natatorium and mechanical room. MayDall and the design team visited similar  facilities with indoor pools to identify any materials that were susceptible to corrosion. Several of the anticipated material specifications were then revised, including piping supports, door types and concrete floor sealer.

Material installs and coating included aluminum mechanical ductwork, schedule 80 PVC, full fiberglass doors, stainless steel all-thread and unistrut for infrastructure supports and stainless steel screws at the hinges for all openings.

The exposed ceiling, web joists, pipe, conduit and decking received two coats of two-part high solids epoxy and one coat of two-part high-performance acrylic polyurethane. Aluminum ductwork received DTM wash primer and two coats of two-part high-performance acrylic polyurethane. Masonry walls received two coats of two-part high solids epoxy block filler, one coat of two-part high solids epoxy and one coat of two-part high-performance acrylic polyurethane.

“Added effort was made to also coat all exposed metal that was installed after initial insulation and coating,” says Fast.

To ensure quality control throughout the project, MayDall’s Kyle Hershberger conducted weekly reviews and walkthroughs. The construction team also engaged the owner in weekly site walks while mechanical, plumbing and electrical installation was in progress to ensure that the placement of fan coils, access doors, plumbing valves, doors and similar equipment were in the most functional spot.

The WOLF project is certified LEED Silver, thanks in part to its use of large overhangs, low-E glazing and window shading devices and solar tube skylights.