Omni Hotel at SunTrust Park
Award of Merit

Owner: TRT Holdings Inc.
Lead Design Firm: C+TC Design Studio
General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

The last component to be built as part of The Battery development, the 16-story Omni Atlanta Hotel at SunTrust Park, is a 260-room full-service hotel with guest room balconies overlooking the adjacent plaza and ballpark. It also has an elevated amenity deck where pool-goers can watch the Atlanta Braves play baseball at the recently opened SunTrust Park.

With ongoing or previously completed construction on three sides, the project site was essentially shoe-horned into a corner of the existing development. As a result, all onsite project deliveries were required to enter through shared gates used by both SunTrust Park and Comcast’s corporate headquarters. With hotel construction continuing through the Braves’ inaugural season at SunTrust Park, contractors faced restrictions, such as no exterior construction work being allowed three hours before a game.

The project logged an impressive safety record, achieving zero rates for both recordable incidents and lost-time accidents. To achieve that stellar record, Brasfield & Gorrie and subcontractors performed daily crew preplanning safety meetings with all employees as well as job-wide weekly safety meetings with all workers to address safety concerns. All new Brasfield & Gorrie employees were identified with a blue vest for their first 90 days on the job and assigned a coach to educate them about safety practices. Also, throughout the project, guest speakers shared job-specific safety expertise with all employees.