City Grill

Aric JensenAric Jensen
Community Revitalization Manager
City of Reno

The biggest trend for Nevada’s second-largest city is housing, Jensen says. “We have such a low vacancy rate [3.8%] that we simply cannot build housing fast enough,” he says. Reno has already experienced growth courtesy of Tesla’s gigafactory in nearby Sparks, and that includes retail and office, Jensen says. Warehouse/distribution centers built by Amazon, UPS and JC Penney have helped the city bounce back from the 2008 recession, and the upcoming 40-acre Park Lane Mall project is also good sign for future growth, he adds.

Firm in Focus

Gilbane Building Co.
250 Bell St., Reno, Nev.
President & CEO: Michael E. McKelvy
Reno office founded: 2003
What’s new: The firm is overseeing two projects on the University of Nevada, Reno campus: the renovation of UNR’s 70-year-old, facilities-maintenance building and the upgrading of various utilities.