City Grill

Jeff KobrigerJeff Kobriger
Principal, HCDA Engineering Inc., and South Director,
ACEC Colorado

“Southern Colorado has lagged behind the north for a couple years but is in full swing now, and the future appears to be very bright. Several substantial projects are under construction in the Colorado Springs downtown area, and single-family residential projects are on track to be the highest in a decade,” Jeff Kobriger says.  “One thing I didn’t see coming is people are moving to the Springs from Denver due to the cost-of-living increase they are experiencing in the north. The increased population, not only in southern Colorado but also Colorado as a whole, has significantly strained the I-25 thoroughfare. The proposed I-25 Gap project, between Castle Rock and Monument, is extremely important for the continued growth and prosperity of southern Colorado. Our concerns for 2018 are in line with the rest of the construction and design community throughout Colorado. The tremendous amount of work on-going and coming up is a substantial strain on an already maxed-out labor force. The labor-force concerns and construction-price escalation will be our biggest challenges moving forward.”