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Doug WellingDoug Welling
AGC of Utah

“The Utah market is active and healthy. The past several months have posted the highest construction job growth in years,” Welling says. “Many large projects are just beginning construction and will push our momentum well into the future. These projects include airport reconstruction, a prison relocation, road construction and significant public school bonds. These are great times in Utah, and great times bring interesting challenges. AGC will continue to focus on worker safety, workforce development and improving our efficiencies.”

Firm in Focus

Method Studio
360 W. Aspen Ave., Salt Lake City
CEO: Becky Hawkins
President: Kelly Morgan
Employees: 71
Founded: 2007
What’s New: Method was recently awarded programming of the Davis Technology College Allied Health Building, Holladay Library remodel and design of the Winegars mixed-use facility.