Las Vegas           
Award of Merit

Owner/Developer: IKEA Properties Inc.
Lead Design Firm/Structural Engineer: GreenbergFarrow
General Contractor: R & O Construction Co.        
Civil Engineer: Kimley Horn & Associates
MEP Engineer:  Acies Engineering
Subcontractors: Helix Electric of Nevada; Bull Concrete; CMC Rebar; Concrete Diamond Polishing; DLT Construction; Dave Peterson Framing; G.R.A.Z.A.K. Corp. dba Swisher; Hansen-Rice Inc.; Hirschi Masonry LLC; Mammoth Underground; NRC Concrete & Landscaping; Olympic West Fire Protection; Tom’s Mechanical Contractors; VT Construction Co.; Western Sealants

Las Vegas’ new IKEA store measures 350,000 sq ft and features a sales floor, warehouse and restaurants. The building is constructed of steel and insulated wall panels and includes a mounted solar photovoltaic generation system capable of producing 1.2 megawatts.

Electrical subcontractor Helix Electric was tasked with the design and installation of the solar system.

Design and execution of the array’s 3,600 panels proved challenging due to the contractor’s need to fit the panels amongst hundreds of obstructions, including HVAC equipment, expansion joints, roof drains and tie-off points. According to the project team, a multitude of changes to the array were made after construction began to allow for additional equipment, clearances and roof walk paths to allow access for equipment maintenance.

The solar system provides 28% of the retail store’s yearly kilowatt usage.

Also adding to the structure’s electrical efficiency are 3,500 LED lighting fixtures with energy management and occupancy control systems. Energy savings will also be met by in-store use of high-efficiency heating and cooling, plumbing fixtures and storefront glass.

The IKEA store has a 2,500-space parking lot with more than 80 LED pole lights and exterior LED building and flagpole accent lighting. The facility also features regular and handicapped electric car charging stations.

The firm had no OSHA recordable safety incidents in more than 50,000 worker-hours.

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