SR-132, Moroni Through Fountain Green
Sanpete County, Utah  
Award of Merit

Owner: UDOT
Lead Design Firm: Jones & DeMille Engineering
General Contractor: Hales Sand & Gravel (Staker Parson Cos.)
Structural Engineer: Sunrise Engineering

Utah State Route 132 is one of Sanpete County’s busiest roads. As a result of this project, the stretch between the towns of Moroni and Fountain Green now has a smooth new surface. New curbs, gutters and pedestrian ramps help improve safety. According to the contractor, many drivers have complimented both the work and the safe, professional way the team went about it. During the project, crews were able to keep at least one lane open at all times, which minimized inconvenience to the public. Using Google Earth maps, the team also developed internal traffic control plans that helped reduce confusion among drivers. Each foreman used the virtual maps to pinpoint locations where crews were working every day, then directed road-building trucks to exactly where they should enter the project zone. 

There were only two accidents during the project, both fender-benders that were attributed not to the construction but rather to drivers distracted in their cars.

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