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After a robust market last year, 2016 is expected to be mixed, but “St. Louis is particularly strong in senior living and health care,” says Wiegmann. “These organizations tend to focus on long-term ownership and operation and are very interested in HVAC upgrades and energy efficiency.” That’s music to the ears of Wiegmann Associates, a national design-build HVAC contractor. “St. Louis also is a very solid design-build market with great engineering talent,” Wiegmann adds. “We’ve used that expertise to grow and serve clients nationally.”

Firm in Focus

Wiegmann Associates
750 Fountains Lakes Blvd.,
St. Charles, Mo.
CEO: Gerry Wiegmann
Founded: 1995
What's New: Recent projects for this national specialty HVAC contractor include Sheridan Assisted Living facilities and the Charles F. Prevedel Federal Building in St. Louis.