They come to America to build a future and in some cases rebuild their shattered lives. Many of the nearly 400 immigrant and refugee children from 27 countries who attend K-10 at Nahed Chapman New American Academy in St. Louis are getting their first taste of education—and of American life. The people and companies of the St. Louis construction industry delivered a “Welcome to America” message in a universal language most if not all of the children “speak” and love: soccer, in the form of a donated artificial surface soccer field, completed and dedicated in September. The field, along with a custom designed shelter area and landscaping, was built through donated services and fundraising totaling more than $200,000 from the construction industry, the soccer community and other supporters. In May, 2015, Peter Tao, principal of the architecture firm Tao + Lee Associates Inc., approached Construction Forum St. Louis to engage its industry connections to help build the sports facility.