Submitted by: Walsh Construction Co.

This $20-million project consists of major renovations and seismic upgrades to the historic 40,000-sq-ft Packard Scott building in Portland, along with the addition of a new 40,000 square foot steel and concrete structure.

Rated LEED platinum, some of the more visible sustainable aspects include period-appropriate yet energy-efficient windows, a photovoltaic solar array, green roof, low-VOC interior materials and a system of six planters designed to slow rainwater runoff.

One interesting stage was the complicated process of removing the mezzanine level and lowering the second floor. Using the mezzanine as a brace, crews used a series of hydraulic jacks to first lower the south side of the second floor, and then the north. After the floor was tied back into the building, the mezzanine was demolished. The floor joists from the demolition work were then re-milled and reused throughout the building.

Owner: Mercy Corps
Architect: THA Architecture
General Contractor: Walsh Construction Co.
Construction Manager: Shiels Obletz Johnsen
Engineers: David Evans and Associates; ABHT Structural Engineers; Glumac International
Subcontractors: American Heating, Carr Construction, Culver Glass, O’Neil Electric, Peninsula Plumbing, Streimer Sheet Metal, Patriot Fire