Reconstruct Runway 7R/25L, Associated Taxiways & Install Perimeter Duct Bank Segment 4
Photo: Clark County Dept. of Aviation

This project’s main objective and function was to provide a new, more durable, and better functioning runway and two high-speed taxiways. In six months, 300,000 tons of asphalt had to be completely removed by roto-milling. The millings were stockpiled on site and used throughout the entire finished product in the infield areas instead of bringing in new material, creating a strong aesthetic contrast against the white Portland Cement concrete paving. Crews also installed 72 mi of electrical conduit on the project.

Key Players

Owner: Clark County Dept. of Aviation
Owner’s Rep: Bechtel Infrastructure Corp.
Design Firm: Kimley Horn Associates
General Contractor: Las Vegas Paving Corp.
Subcontractors: Acme Concrete Paving; Royal Electric