Mirage Volcano
Photos: Kelly Gaez, KSG Photography
Mirage Volcano

This iconic Las Vegas Strip attraction was in need of a complete make-over. Specifically designed for The Mirage, 152 FireShooters are choreographed to shoot flames and fireballs 12 to 15 ft into the air during the show. A Giant FireShooter completes the show with a 60 ft fire eruption into the Las Vegas sky. Water also shoots out of the volcano, 50 ft higher than the previous version. Steam and fog pour out of the top and sides of the Volcano while fire and light ignite from the volcano’s crags, creating the appearance of fissures opening in the rock face. The project uses nearly 2.3 million KWh less electricity than prior to renovation, the equivalent of 204 homes. A total of 624 show lights and 865 landscape lights add to theatricality while being more energy efficient. The carbon footprint has also been reduced by nearly 1,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The judges felt it was a very challenging project, with the end product more than a renovation, but also a spectacular show.

Key Players

Design Firms: WET Design; Hamilton Anderson
General Contractor: THOR Construction
Subcontractors: Bombard Mechanical; Bombard Electric