City of Fernley Water Treatment Facility
Photo: Aerial Imaging Of Reno

The heart of this arsenic removal ground water treatment facility is a 0.1 micron PALL Corporation Microfiltration system currently capable of 20 mgd, with future provisions for 30 mgd that can treat both ground and surface water. This system was purchased independently by the owner and required integration within the rest of the facility.

Some local residents initially protested the project due to fear of chemicals and arsenic dust, but through establishing relationships with neighbors and creating an aesthetically pleasing and subtle design, the project team alleviated their concerns.

Key Players

Owner: City of Fernley
Design Firm: Camp Dresser & McKee
General Contractor: K.G. Walters Construction Co.
Subcontractors: Central Sierra Electric; North East Masonry; Westernaire