AIA Colorado - American Institute of Architects of Colorado

Current Members: 2,400

Increased Membership Target for 2010: AIA Colorado’s goal is to have 60% of Colorado’s licensed architects as AIA members.

Key Issues/Initiatives: Mandatory continuing education/competency, sustainability, qualifications-based selection

Highest Issue on Strategic Plan: Member value

2010 President: Mary Morissette, klipp

Economic Priorities: Member education, government affairs, emerging professionals

Biggest Concerns: The biggest challenge AIA Colorado continues to face is the economy’s effect on the design and construction industry.

“In 2009, AIA Colorado focused on helping members who have experienced job loss, and AIA Colorado will continue this effort in 2010. We are also evaluating our organization to ensure we are providing the most valuable services to our members. Through our 2009 Members’ Needs Survey, we know our members find services, which focus on advocacy, education and public awareness, to be the most valuable. This is where we will focus our efforts in 2010.

“AIA Colorado will also continue to work with our allied organizations such as AGC and ACEC to ensure that the Colorado design and construction industry is as united and strong as possible.”

— Mary Morissette