Dorothy Wasiak
Helping to further women's careers
39, Vice President
New York City

With more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Wasiak says she is passionate about sustainable design and committed to sustainable construction alternatives and healthy environment design. Wasiak, who has been a project manager since 2002, works in business development, green roof design and LEED project management. Her current work includes the U.N. International School roof replacements and facade restoration, and she is working with the New York City Dept. of Education on creating an International Construction High School in the Bronx. Wasiak holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing from Pennsylvania State University. Her extracurricular contributions include establishing and running the Professional Women in Construction's mentorship committee and mentoring high school students in construction programs at the Bronx Design & Construction Academy. In the short term, she aims to help more women advance in their careers, just as she has been helped in hers. "Now, I want to give back," she says. "I want to show young women that nothing is closed to them, but that they need focus, determination and a passion for the work."


Benjamin Wisniewski
Building a career at the WTC redevelopment site
38, Project Manager
Parsons Transportation Group
New York City

From proposal development through construction completion, structural engineer Wisniewski provides technical leadership and project management and has worked on some major New York projects. These include the World Trade Center site, where he now serves as deputy project manager and package manager for the WTC Hub design team. Wisniewski has spent most of his career involved in WTC work and received a letter of recognition from the mayor's office for his role in recovery, development and reconstruction of the site following 9/11. At Parsons, he has been selected for several internal advanced development initiatives, including the high potential employee program and the general management acceleration program. Wisniewski, who has a bachelor's degree and master's in engineering from Pennsylvania State University, is a licensed professional engineer in New York. He has served on numerous committees of the Structural Engineers Association of New York and is a member of the American Institute of Steel Construction as well as several other professional organizations.



David Wright
Juggling multiple tasks while earning a degree
28, Senior Engineer
Parsons Transportation Group
New York City

Since 2010, Wright has been working on New York's East Side Access (ESA) project and has juggled many tasks, including earning his professional engineering license in New York while on the job. During this time he has also developed software to increase project efficacy, analyzed and determined threshold limits for the movement of structures under the influence of tunneling and developed specialty designs. Prior to the ESA project, Wright worked in Baltimore at a remote design hub engineering light rail electrification systems for multiple jurisdictions nationwide. Wright, whose focus is on railroad electrification work, recently graduated from his firm's early management acceleration program in which a select few are given the opportunity to sharpen their skills. Wright received a bachelor's degree in engineering science with a concentration in mechanical engineering from Loyola College and his accreditations include the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Wright continues to develop his skills and says that if he wasn't doing what he's doing now, he'd either be designing fighter jets or Formula One race cars. "I enjoy complex systems mixed with computer programming, like robotics, but also structures," he says. "It's difficult to nail down one specific thing since I usually am doing many."