Last week, we announced the companies in ENR Texas & Louisiana’s 2012 Top Specialty Contractors ranking, which will be further highlighted in our October issue. As noted then, although quite a few firms in the ranking moved higher this year, we are seeing lower revenue numbers than last year.

Despite this, some companies continue to remain successful, maintaining their revenue figures, bringing exciting new projects to the region and excelling in their safety stats and community involvement. For all those reasons, ENR Texas & Louisiana has selected Dallas-based TDIndustries as our 2012 “Specialty Contractor of the Year.”

TD Industries’ revenue remained steady this year, pushing the company up a spot in this year’s overall ranking. The reason behind this success is a focus on innovations that create more value for the company’s customers. Some of these innovations include using pull-planning on construction projects, pushing to get more than 120 employees LEAN certified and the creation of TDWIKI, a knowledge management system that empowers employees to share solutions and best practices across the company.

The company has diversified its business in recent years with resources going into energy management as well service and facilities management. TDIndustries also recently opened up a brand new office in the Rio Grande Valley region. These investments in diversification have helped TDIndustries maintain revenues in this tough economy.

On top of that, TDIndustries has increased its community involvement, despite the economic challenges of the past few years, with its 2011-2012 United Way campaign contributions growing by more than $55,000 over the previous year, for example. The company is also involved with more than 30 other charities and causes.